Safely Prevent Contact Transmission

We surveyed professional nurses, infection control leaders, and operating room nurse managers and found the following:

  • 100% said used disposable isolation gowns in hospitals are potential sources for spreading infection
  • 100% said patients and their families feel more comfortable with the quality of their care when the health care site appears clean.
  • 98.3% said waste receptacles and containers are typically filled to overflowing with used isolation gown
  • 98% would like to use a new disposable isolation gown, if it could safely and quickly fold into a small bundle, one that decreases trash volume, decreases the risk of touching contaminated disposed gowns and offers a cleaner patient environment.

Typical gown disposal looks like this:
Or this:
Gown disposal the GoGown way:

By using GoGown, hospitals can safely prevent contact transmission.

GoGown: Made by Nurses for Nurses!


The GoGown

The GoGown™ is an integral wrap gown that significantly improves infection control in medical facilities by:

  • Reducing Contact Transmission of Microbes
  • Improving Appearance of Hospital Spaces
  • Providing Easy Compliance Monitoring
  • Reducing Waste Volume

In seconds, de-gown and de-glove into attached wrapper for safe disposal

Watch the video below to see how the GoGown™ works.