Why GoGown?

Hospital Patients and visitors often judge the safety of a hospital based on how clean the site appears. Overflowing waste bins negatively impact a hospital’s “brand”.


“Another important point to remember is that gowns protect patients and staff. However, they can also be a mode of pathogen transmission if not used, removed and discarded appropriately.”

Disposable Products Enhance Infection Prevention Efforts.
Infection Control Today, [Online].
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Hospital Personnel and visitors make observational judgements of how clean a hospital site is and often infer the magnitude of infection risk based on that cleanliness. Overflowing waste bins negatively impact a hospital’s rating.

Hospital Reimbursement is tied to HCAHPS Scores
HCAHPS Question #8: The Hospital Environment
“During this hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean?”

Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)
(change package for preventing HAI’s 2006-2008)*
“Design Process for trash disposal that prevents overfilling”


The GoGown Solution

The added weight –per-inch of the wrapped gown package causes the discarded gown to sink to the lowest portion of the trash container, allowing more gowns to be safely discarded without trash overflow. There has been a long felt need for a product such as the GoGown. It will be well received by those in Envirnonmental Services, the hospital community, patients, visitors, and the family, because it will provided for a cleaner, and safer environment throughout the hospital.

*Institute for Healthcare Improvement: Changes to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections. (2011). Change Package: Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections, [Online].
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