The GoGown Process

The Gogown Process—   15 Second Process, Easy to Learn, Endorsed by RN’s   >>>

The Value Proposition

Reduce The Risk of infectious organisms (MRSA, C. dificile, flu viruses) spreading from contaminated disposable gowns and gloves onto skin, equipment, and other surfaces that contribute to the risk of contact transmission to healthcare staff, patients, and visitors.

Reduce Waste Volume as the GoGown, wrapped into a small package, avoids the unsightly appearance of waste receptacles commonly overflowing with used, contaminated gowns. This provides a comforting sign of cleanliness to patients and visitors.

Easy Monitoring of Compliance with the best practices for de-gowning and disposal. A used wrapped GoGown has a distinctive “can’t miss” appearance.

A Safe and Simple Process allows gloves to be removed and bundled deep within the GoGown without skin contact. The entire de-gowning process is accomplished by touching only the unexposed, inside of the gown.

The GoGown with US Patent No. 8056146, 8230519 and Canada Patent, and foreign patents pending in EU and India provides an attractive, new product of intuitive utility in the highly competitive medical disposable supplies environment.